Terror Film Festival

As you may have heard throughout the media, we have been on hiatus, feverishly working on the festival, re-tooling this, and re-designing that.  All with the sole intent of gearing up to offer you, this year, the best edition of our festival yet!  And we were about to unveil what we consider to be, our super-cool website and our ultra-cool festival!

However, unfortunately, because of the coronavirus (COVID-19), we have had to put the brakes on, dramatically.  We were gearing up to have a banner festival this year, and enjoy all the wonderful films and screenplays and artists.  Unfortunately, we just cannot compete with COVID-19.

And being a global business who is not interested in killing people just to make a buck, we simply cannot plan a festival where thousands of people could infect each other, and their families, and waves of others.  So, we are forced to keep our doors closed until further notice.

But, don't lose faith, people!  Even though we're down, we're not out.  Like the Terminator said, "We'll be back."

Until then, please be safe out there and please don't let this silent killer, kill you.  Stay safe everyone, and hopefully, we'll see you soon!


Our Winners throughout the years!

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