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Terror Film Festival

Over the years, thousands of films and screenplays have come across our desk, here at Terror Film Festival.  And with those great works we got to meet some of the most talented creative geniuses within the entertainment industry.  Plus, we got to mingle with some really cool industry folk.  But the best time we had out of all the parties, all the screenings, all the excitement and hang outs, with waves of talented people, and tons of great Claw Award moments, the best time we had was experiencing the works themselves.  The films and the screenplays.

We have enjoyed every single frame of every single film, and every single juicy word on every single wonderful page.  In fact, as we sit here typing, a wide smile crosses our face, remembering the countless moments of joy those works have brought to us.  And so, with that said, it is with a very heavy heart that we turn off the lights of Terror Film Festival for the final time.

From all of us, to all of you, "thank you" doesn't even begin to express our feelings of deep, deep gratitude.  We wish to all of you that every dream you will ever have comes true, tenfold.  God Bless You All, Thank You, and we bid you all a fond, "Adieu."

~ Cuss, Claw DeHorror, Princess Horror, Graceland, Mick Jagrrr, Jimmy Difi, Shy Marcy, Double D, and all of the rest of the TFF Clan over the years.


Our Winners throughout the years!

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